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sonsearai dominique  atlanta hairstylist
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Sonsearai Dominique, a Houston, Texas native, graduated as a certified stylist from Paul Mitchell the School - Atlanta, where she received training in precision cuts and color. She’s a licensed master cosmetologist with over 15 years of experience. With a strong passion for hair care, Sonsearai desires to become a thriving stylist who creates beautiful work that will enhance the essence of her clients beauty.


Educating is also a priority for her when it comes to her clients. Sonsearai continues to seek out certifications and classes to assist her in providing the best knowledge with each unique crown of hair she encounters. She specializes in natural presses, deep treatments, roller sets, protective styling, and cuts yet keeping the focus on healthy natural hair. Therefore, building the best hair regime with the right products and tools is of utmost importance.


“Your hair is one reflective expression of you” 

- Sonsearai

Sonsearai Dominique also lends her skills as a freelance hairstylist to films, videos, and photography sets. She has also styled beautiful brides and bridesmaids when called upon.  Her work has also been featured on Martha Steward,  twice in 2018, and on  in 2017.

 The Salon

Sonsearai Dominique Salon provides the "morning star experience". 


- Sonsearai


Who's That  Girl 


by Tifarah Naava

1. Are you named after anyone? There's a movie my parents saw called "Broken Arrow" it's a 1950's film that has a similar story line as Pocahontas and the Indian woman's name is Sonseehary. It means Morning Star from the Apache tribe.

​2. When was the last time you cried? Let's see...maybe a few months ago. I can't remember. (Laughs)

3. Favorite Color?  Purple, mostly deep shades like Eggplant or Plum.

4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself? I would think so, I'm a good friend until I don't feel appreciated or I loose trust in you.

5. Do you use sarcasm a lot? I do but not with everyone. I've realized not everyone can handle it.

6. Will you ever bungee-jump? WOW! I'll never say never.

7. What’s your favorite cereal? I don't have a favorite but I usually get Pops or Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

8. What’s the first thing you notice about people? Their hair

9. What is your eye colour? I think dark brown.

10. Favorite Holiday? I would say Christmas. As a child my mother would decorate the house with beautiful garland, lights, candals, and she had all these ceramic figurings with sheets of faux snow and she would create a village. It was so beautiful.

11. Favorite Perfume? Right now it's Princess by Vera Wang

12. Why did you choose the career path of a hair stylist? I feel being a hairstylist chose me. Since elementary school I can remember wanting to mimic certain hairstyles and my mom was usually my guinea pig by middle school.

13. What is your staple hair product? Jamaican Black Castor Oil(LOVE IT!)

14. Do you have any siblings? Yes, 5 sisters!   :)

15. What's your favorite part of being a hair stylist? Brightening up someone's day and giving them a chance to fall in love with their hair all over again!  .

16. What keeps you going as a business woman? That's a no-brainer, my daughter. She's always watching and asking tons of questions. I can not be caught without an answer. Lol!

17. Morning, afternoon or night? Night, I feel more free!

18. How is it having a sister in the entertainment industry that's a producer? It's fun, when I can tag along! I'm super proud of her drive and ambition. I've definitely learned A LOT from her, so it's a blessing!

sonsearai dominique  atlanta hairstylist

Sonsearai Dominique

Work With  Me

sonsearai dominique  atlanta hairstylist


For bookings, collaborations, brand partnerships and advertising use Please note that I only collaborate with brands and people whom I have a genuine passion, love for and use myself.


Thank You TY MYRICK PHOTOGRAPHY for your amazing work. Collaborating with you over the past few years has been a true pleasure. Interested in TY MYRICK's work visit his site @

Hologram Productions, thank you for your creative direction and photography, it's been an experience.


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