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Exuviance | Yield, Beaute' Ahead: Review

As the winter season ends, some of us are probably still trying to figure out the back and forth weather and how to care for our skin. The winter can really beat us up with chapped lips and dry, peeling skin. Usually, I would always think natural products are better when it comes to my skin, then I turned 30. I realized the things I once did or didn't do, I couldn't anymore or I had to start doing. Such as, not removing my mascara before bed or using products that aid in anti-aging. I noticed dark circle under my eyes and dry spots near my cheeks! I'm thinking..."OMG, seriously did someone flip the switch on my skin"!

From that point I was on the hunt for the perfect skin care regimen. The winter season is the perfect time to test and figure this thing out! The Christmas holidays brought about great gifts in which included gift cards! YES! and one was for ULTA!! So, here I am at Ulta not having a clue where to start. I knew I needed products that were fragrant -free , lightweight yet hydrating and didn't cost an arm, leg and a throat (hence I'm at Ulta right). So, this guy actually helped me and highly recommended a glorious product line called "Exuviance"!

{ Love this Creamy Cleansing Creme! The perfect balance of cleansing and moisture!}

Let's just cut to it...

I LOVED IT!! The great part is that they offer trial size sets for 50 bucks! I know your probably thinking...WHET $50! Listen, I bought it a few days after Christmas and to date I am still working off that box. I have only ran out of 1 item. I decided the Sensitive/Dry skin was the best collection for me and it came with everything pictured.

Within 2 weeks, my skin was more polish looking, more radiant, my under eye area was brighter and most importantly my skin felt like silk . These products have a lot of antioxidants which I love and anti-aging properties. I didn't have the normal irritation to my eyes from the SPF moisturizer like I normally experience and I never feel greasy or dried out. The perfect balance.

{Usually SPF moisturizers irritate my eyes. This one is basically fragrant -free and residue free.

The Ultra Restorative Creme is a night time creme, super light yet gives your skin a silky feel!}

Now, I also recommend a great facial quarterly to help add in the process of great looking skin. Graceful Glow is my #1 esthetician for an awesome facial and skin treatments. Skin care is one way I take time for me. What does that look like? For me that's taking more pride in my skin care routine, spending more time with myself, improving my wellness mentally and spiritually. Developing a good routine before bed and in the A.M. with my skin helps me to stay in that positive, self love space! Take time to invest in you more importantly. Do what your mind, body and spirit will thank you for!

{In using this product all over my face, ensuring I focused on my forehead and smile line areas. Contains 6 amazing antioxidants including, Grape seed , Green Tea and Lilac Extracts.}

I highly recommend this product line if you have some of my same struggles or concerns. I want to know, what are some of your fav go-to products?

As always, sending many blessings and an abundance of positive energy to you all in 2018 & Beyond!

xoxo Sonsearai Dominique

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